Sonia Rykiel, the Untraquil as a Creative Muse

Sonia Rykiel, the Untraquil as a Creative Muse

News Our artists We love / 23 Sep 2018

She was described as “untranquil”, a term Frédéric Mitterrand would go on to use in his documentary of Sonia Rykiel. And so she had to be, in order to break the codes of haute couture on such a grand scale. Portraits of a designer, and an inspirer … It is her we have to thank for reversed seams, the absence of hems and linings, velvet tracksuits, text on clothing, and the development of fine mesh.

We have a lot to thank her for.

Sonia Rykiel was not the creator of just one idea, but of a thousands: rendering the woman feminine, sensual and free. From discovery to innovation, she revolutionised haute couture by dusting off its prejudices, and breaking its codes. Her independence of mind inspired artists in her image: heterodox, impertinent, daring. Her flamboyant hair, her bright eyes, her diaphanous complexion and her personality predestined her for extraordinary encounters. Thus, by creating portraits from plastic coloured building blocks, BRIKX, an urban artist, did not hesitate to break with tradition by using a toy to create a work of art. He proposes an introspective of Sonia Rykiel, both fragile and strong. A portrait full of nuances, despite being constructed from a rigid material. A substance that to him, infuses life.

sonia rykiel inspire les artistes tels que brikx et Jacques Samuel ici à la manière de Gustave Klimt elovart galerie d'art en ligne Samantha Salloum Nathalie


The Audacity of Creative Freedom

Another troublemaker of art for the good, Jacques Samuel. "He dared" to transpose portraits of couturiers in the style of great old masters; anachronistic encounters at the origin of remarkable works. Thanks to him, we can admire Sonia Rykiel’s neckline, in the style of Gustav Klimt. She appears posed, determined, eyes fixed on the horizon in an ornamental decoration composed of multiple geometrical figures, mingling and multiplying on itself. A woman who appears active, despite her static position in front of patchworks cleverly assembled to the image of her models.

Both Jacques Samuel and BRIKX did not hesitate to deconstruct a preconceived mental representation, in order to create their work. They shattered taboos, just like Sonia Rykiel. Thus the inspiration behind artistic encounters, both unexpected and inevitable for reflection… These works recant the tale of creative trajectories venturing outside of traditional codes.
As Roy Lichtenstein said: "Art does not transform, it formulates. “ This is the only formula that Sonia Rykiel, BRIKX and Jacques Samuel have ever stood by: the audacity to express what they feel, to assert themselves beyond dogmas, to create free from all hindrance, and to remain truly original.

Jacques Samuel's gallery:
BRIKX's gallery:
sonia rykiel inspire les artistes tels que brikx et Jacques Samuel ici réalisée avec des briques de plastique elovart galerie d'art en ligne Samantha Salloum Nathalie

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