Michel Moreno and Yvette Horner

Michel Moreno and Yvette Horner

News Our artists We love / 12 Jun 2018
A multifaceted artist, Yvette Horner was an inspiration to fellow creators. Jean-Paul Gaultier was the brain behind her unforgettable, flamboyant red hairdo. She was iconically known for extravagant and colourful outfits such as the Eiffel Tower Dress, the tricoloured skirt and of course, her accordion.
Michel Moreno Artiste peintre syntho-chromisme elovart accordion Samantha Salloum
A Sigh of Emotion

Her accordion was her oxygen. Pure air, that would drive her during her 70 year career around France. From the Bicentennial Commemoration of the French Revolution, to the era of informal dances set to classical ballets. From Jazz to Rap, and from Country to Pop.In a whirlwind of personal touches, she constantly skirted the borders of art. She was a talent full of generosity, light and spontaneity. Michel Moreno captured this essence perfectly during their meeting in 1992. This fleeting encounter would produce the portrait of the Queen of the Accordion centre stage before the tricoloured lines of the French flag. Known for her symbolic dress sense and artistry; accordion, tricoloured flag, bicycle wheel and disk, she reigned in a world of movement.

She played and manoeuvred serenely amongst an abundance of forms and colours, whilst wearing her candid and confident gaze. An inspiring portrait that reflects perfectly the warm, baroque universe of Yvette Horner. Capturing the magical moment when, an artist meets another artist, and breathes a sigh of emotion. 

*Michel Moreno displayed on the website eLovart
Yvette Horner :oil painting, stretched canvas 146 x 114cm (57 x 45 inches) 

La galerie de
Michel Moreno Artiste peintre syntho-chromisme Samantha Salloum elovart

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