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In the space of two decades, digital advancement and the increase of women in the workplace has transformed the image of the 21st century businessperson. Both a social and ecological subject, concerns surrounding the well being and productivity of employees in their workplace environment is at an all time high. With this in mind, art is often found in significantly expanding companies. The presence of art in business establishments adds life and culture to an area. ‘Artmania’ and other beneficial effects are contagious. Once having experienced the harmonious, tranquil and soothing effects of such an environment what company head would not wish to recreate a similar atmosphere in the workplace where he or she spends so much of their day? Employees spirits can be boosted by personalising a company’s reception. Furthermore, avoiding the image of monotony in favour of openness and curiosity, is a must. Lets not forget that a company’s reception says a lot about the trade, environmental and social policy of a company. However, the business owner must build strong relationships with his or her suppliers and buyers as with any other contractors in his or her industry. To achieve this, one must strengthen their image. Art is the ideal media in order to achieve this with. Furthermore, adding personality to a company’s premises opens up a new opportunity for communication; the installation of an artwork could be the occasion to gather VIP customers and business partners. It is also possible to mention one’s support of the arts on the Internet, in a newsletter or on the work’s label.

Achetez des œuvres d'art et bénéficiez d'avantages fiscaux !
T h a n k s    t a x    d e p a r t m e n t!

Need to be an expert to invest in art? No, because at eLovart a dedicated advisor is on hand to tailor to your taste, environment, and renown of the artist.This way, you can be sure of a profitable investment. Bearing in mind the market report of contemporary art has augmented by 1 400% in the past seventeen years.

Achetez des œuvres d'art et bénéficiez d'avantages fiscaux !

As lucrative as investing in art can be, the overall cost can finish relatively little thanks to tax benefits associated with the purchase of works of art. Put simply, "it’s free!" provided that certain non-restraining conditions are fulfilled.

If your company purchases an original work of art from an artist, it’s cost can be deducted from your annuel taxable profit by fraction of equal value. This is possible from the first year of purchase and then for the next four years.

Each deductible fraction may not exceed the 5% limit of turnover. For example, if you make achieve a turnover of €300 000, you may deduct €1500 per annum. Over five years, this represents an artwork valued at €7500.

To deduct the purchase of a work of art from your annuel taxable profit, the following requirements must be met:

  • The work must be acquired from a living artist
  • The work must be purchased directly from the artist or by the intermediate of the art market
  • The work must be exposed in an area accessible by the public and/or employees (reception, corridors, waiting rooms, personal offices excluded) for a period five years
  • The exposition must remain permanent during the required five years and not only on occasion (temporary expositions or seasonal festivals)
  • The public must be informed of the exposition and the possibility to access the work
  • The work must be reported in balance sheet assets

All structures are eligible, except for companies that purchase with the intente of resale (those involved in the art trade), independent entrepreneurs and liberal professionals. Between the advantageous tax deductions and the overall value of works, investing in art is a fantastic expenditure; practically without risk. So why not treat yourself by improving your surroundings and boosting your image?

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Debit and Credit Cards

When paying by credit or debit card, transactions will pass by the platform Stripe. This platform follows a strict set of security guidelines. It conforms with PCI (Payment Card Industry, bank card security guidelines) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer, the security protocol that creates a secured link between two machines communicating on the internet).


If you choose to pay via cheque, please be aware that only cheques emitted by an account domiciled in France can be accepted. Once having chosen this form of payment, you will find all of the necessary information for the issuing of the cheque. Your order will be immediately dispatched once the cheque is received and cashed.


Shipping Policy

eLovart promises a fast and secured delivery. Your order is insured and carefully packaged. To ensure this, we work only with the most trusted couriers (UPS and DHL). We deliver to mainland France, Europe (EU and non-EU countries), Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, The United States, Canada and Asia.

Nous livrons en France métropolitaine, dans les pays de l’Union européenne, en Suisse, à Monaco, en Andorre et dans tous les pays d’Europe hors de l’Union européenne, aux Etats-Unis, au Canada et en Asie.

eLovart offers free delivery to mainland France. For other countries, the lowest possible fee will be calculated so that everyone, even in countries far away, can access what pleases them.

Insurance is included. However, eventual import taxes, TVA or custom charges cannot be calculated in advance. These charges being outside our control, we recommend that you contact your country’s customs.

These expenses must be paid to the country from which they are issued. This does not concern orders sent and received within the EU, Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.


The artist oversees the packaging process, which has been predefined in with eLovart. It is then transferred to the courier service to bring it to your location in security, each work being insured and tracked.

Shipped in 3 to 5 days, the works are delivered, in most cases, less than 48hours after sending. These time limits remain approximative.

At the moment of sending, you will receive an email informing you of the confirmation of your order. In it you will find the name of the transporter, the tracking number, the estimated date of arrival and a link allowing you to track and follow your package.


If you are absent at the moment of reception, the courier will leave a delivery notice in your letter box, which will permit you to collect your package either at the post office, or in a pick-up point close to your home.

Upon arrival, the condition of the package must be verified. In the event of a problem, the courier must be notified immediately. Should the work be damaged in any way, you will be immediately reimbursed the total charge plus delivery should the damage be irreversible.

For any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by mail at

Information and Exchange Service

Our Customer Service is efficient and personalised.
Have a particular request?
• What artist specialises in portraits?
• Can I order a print of a particular work?
• I saw a particular piece that on the website a few days ago. Has it been sold?
• Need to advance or postpone a delivery date?
• Need to precise an exact detail concerning a work?
Do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your complete disposal and are attentive to your concerns.

The work ordered does not meet your expectations or there was a problem with the delivery?
We will do all in our power to remedy the issue.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the site, works or descriptions. Your opinion is important to us and can help us improve eLovart.

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