BRIKX art urbain street art N°1 elovart Samantha Salloum
All ages are fascinated by the plastic building block. BRIKX has created a new art in the form of the urban portrait!

Street artist BRIKX has laid his trademark coloured building blocks all over the world. Through his style of urban decoration, onlookers are liberated from visual confinement. Eyes and spirits are opened and general conscience is heightened. For most, the image of the plastic building block reminiscences childhood, imagination and innocence.The main message delivered here is one of shared emotion in our society. BRIKX presents, through his gallery of urban portraits, an amusing discovery of history, memories and current events.

BRIKX, the Path of a Gifted Child
Sonia Rykiel, the Untraquil as a Creative Muse

BRIKX began his artistic career in 1990 as a graffiti-artist in New York and Paris. He focused mainly on abandoned lots, metros and urban walls. At the end of the 90s, he moved away from graffiti. He directed his creativity towards filiform characters and animalistic forms created from a single brushstroke, all on the canvas of urban spaces.

A graduate of decorative arts in architecture and art-spaces, he self-educated himself in dimensional sculpture. In 2008 he began work on physiognomy and hyperrealism with plastic coloured blocks. An idea came to be: create, on the walls of the city, a work modelled on photography. The artist delivered a work intermingling historical research, references to road signs and signposts with high levels of creative realism.

In 2010 he began with simple portrait-bust creations. He then went on to perfect the character portrait using a colour palette of 60 plastic building blocks. BRIKX interweaves Op Art inspired techniques with plastosisme; trick of the eye plastic portraits that play on the mind’s perception.

BRIKX, the Path of a Gifted Child
Sonia Rykiel, the Untraquil as a Creative Muse

Roaming Novator, House of Artists, Cultural Centres, Libraries, Val-de-Marne, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine.


  • 20 years, Agence Virginia, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Art in The City, Art and Liberty Space, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Street Art Trail, Lenin Square, Champigny-sur-Marne.
  • Eugénie, Aunt Eugénie's Restaurant, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Pray, School of Our Lady of Missions, Charenton-le-Pont.


  • Portraits in Freedom, esplanade Pavillon Henri IV, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Peace, Fondation Justice for Cambodia, The Racing Club of France, Versailles.
  • Crozant Art, Cazine Castle, Limoges.
  • Stones, Backstage with the Rolling Stones, U Arena, Nanterre.
  • BRIKX Icons, Intercommunal Cemetery, Valenton.
  • Vivaldi, 57th Biennial of Art in Venice, Italy 


  • Art Capital, Society of French Artists, Georges Guyon, Grand Palais, Paris.
  • Zola, House of Emile Zola, Villennes-sur-Seine Town Hall, Medan.
  • Brikx in The Air, Air France KLM Headquarters, Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.
  • 20 Years, Virginia Agency, Saint-Mandé.
  • Think of Saana, Suzanna Zetterberg Memorial, Paris.
  • TP 2018, Tony Parker Sports Complex, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Pin up, Cornette of Saint-Cyr, Paris.
  • GG, Valmy School, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Barba, Creche, Charenton-le-Pont.
  • Urban Portraits, Luxembourg Gallery, 6th Arrondissement Town Hall, Paris.
  • 20th Portraits, Municipal Libraries 20th Arrondissement, Paris.
  • Enjoy, Disney Hotels, Serris.
  • The First War, town of Maisons-Alfort.


  • Grama 2.0, Groupama Headquarters, Nanterre.
  • Nude, Art-Concorde Gallery, Paris.

BRIKX, the Path of a Gifted Child
Sonia Rykiel, the Untraquil as a Creative Muse

BRIKX Porfolio

BRIKX N°18 art urbain Charles Aznavour chanteur et acteur français street art galerie d'art en ligne pour l'amour de l'art elovart Samantha Salloum nathalie salloum

76 x 76 cm

BRIKX N°13 street art urbain simone veil elovart galerie d'art en ligne pour l'amour de l'art samantha salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx N°11 art urbain street art les rolling stones elovart galerie d'art en ligne pour l'amour de l'art Samantha Salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx art urbain street art N°9 elovart Samantha Salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx art urbain street art N°4 elovart Samantha Salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx art urbain street art N°2 Jean d'Ormesson elovart Samantha Salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx art urbain street art N°5 le prince Harry Henry de Sussex elovart Samantha Salloum

76 x 76 cm

Brikx street art N°8 Sophie Marceau elovart Samantha Salloum

38 x 38 cm


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